Adjustable rings

Adjustable rings are a practical and trendy jewellery choice for women, you can change fingers and vary the combinations with your other rings.

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Women's Adjustable Ring

These rings are designed to fit all finger sizes from 50 to 60, making them perfect for those who like to change finger rings or have fingers that swell in hot weather. If you want to give a ring to a loved one, this is the perfect gift as you don't need to know the person's finger size.

Our adjustable rings are available in 18 carat 3 micron gold plated and 925 rhodium plated silver. Whether you prefer silver or gold, there is an adjustable ring for everyone. In addition, most adjustable rings are designed to be easily adjustable, allowing you to customize the size to your preference.

Adjustable rings can be worn alone or combined with other rings to create your own style. With their adaptability and elegance, adjustable rings are a perfect jewellery choice for the modern, dynamic woman.