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Our gold plated costume jewelry is the perfect addition to your look. Gold plated jewelry is coated with 3 microns of 18 karat gold and finished with a 24 karat fine gold layer to give it even more sparkle. Nerina Bijoux selects costume jewelry that you can wear without worrying about their wear and tear over time. Created by French designers, with durable materials, we offer you high quality, affordable costume jewelry. From dangling earrings to rings set with precious stones, from necklaces with original designs to bracelets to be layered, you have the choice with our selection of costume jewelry. Also find our necklaces with the effigy of each sign of the zodiac, which is a very trendy personalized costume jewelry. Consult the different descriptions of our product sheets to find all the information you need. To please you in your everyday outfits or to offer, our costume jewelry is there. It's up to you to choose the jewelry that will make you shine!