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Bracelets and bangles are the must-have items in your jewelry box. To give an elegant touch to each of your outfits, our bracelets and bangles are designed and made by designers in France: a French know-how and charm for sublimated wrists! Nerina Bijoux selects gold plated and silver bracelets and necklaces, to choose the jewelry according to your preferences.

Gold plated bracelet

Our bracelets are made of 18 karat gold plating, and their quality is as incredible as their finesse. The details of the bracelets and bands give an authentic and elegant touch to this fine and trendy jewelry. A gemstone can be inserted into the heart of some of the bracelets, and a multi-row bracelet can be a surprise. Our bestsellers are the moon bracelet or the sun bracelet: a natural touch for these pretty golden bracelets.

Silver bracelet

The competitor of gold-plated is silver, with our rhodium-plated 925 silver bracelets. The moon bracelet, as well as the sun bracelet, make their entrance in our store with a silver variation just as charming. The silver bracelets and bands are made with a thin layer of rhodium for an impeccable quality.

But why talk about competition between gold and silver plating? The diversity of our bracelets and bands is conducive to juxtaposition, to create a unique effect, along your wrists. Choose your bracelets and create the equivalent of a multi-row bracelet that suits you.

Our fine bracelets and elegant bangles will match your style with ease. Nerina Bijoux pays attention to the current trends to offer you charming bracelets and bangles, while favoring a durable quality, over time. It's up to you to choose your jewel to shine!