Candle Parfumed Crystals Quartz


Scented Candle with Quartz Crystals - Organic & Vegan Natural Wax

Fragrance: Lush woody and floral notes with a gentle touch of citrus.

- Bali Soy and Coconut Wax (190g)
- Duration : 50h
- Quartz crystals (Java, Indonesia)
- Ecological crackling wick made of natural wood (FSC certified)
- Natural organic essential oils
- 100% Vegan
- Cruelty-Free Ingredients
- Organic ingredients
- Recycled glass


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Handmade Scented Candle with Crystals 100% Made in BALI

Handmade in BALI in a small workshop on the island. Delivered in a Bali cotton pouch and hard cardboard box.

The crystal scented candle is an ideal gift for gemstone collectors and people interested in lithotherapy and meditation. Once the candle is finished, keep your gemstone and collect your healing stones.

Partner Nerina Bijoux X INNI Bali

Ideal gift for the crystal wedding (White Quartz): 15 years of marriage

Dimensions: 9 x 8 cm

Capacity : 190ml

Weight : 580g

White Quartz virtues :

The White Quartz is the stone of the clairvoyance. It has strong virtues calming, energizing and brings comfort and tenderness. It will help you achieve your goals and is ideal for meditation as it keeps negativity away and helps you focus. It can be combined with other stones as it has the ability to amplify the energies of other minerals.

On a physical level, quartz stone soothes pain throughout the body but particularly the back and nervous system (calms stress), it strengthens the body.

Beliefs in the world :

American Indians: White quartz is wisdom and clairvoyance. The spirit is free to fly, awakens consciousness and allows access to the invisible.

Australia: Quartz is the "Stone of Light" and clairvoyance. It offers the path to relief.

Christians : Immaculate Conception. Completion of spiritual mission.

India: It is believed that the Quartz crystal born from the rock becomes a diamond at maturity


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