Cleaning your gold and silver plated jewelry:

In order to keep the shine of the jewelry, you can clean it regularly with a small sponge soaked in water with a little soap, rinse then place it on a clean cloth and wipe it with a thin cloth. As with all jewelry, let them rest by removing them in the evening and during your sporting activities. Our gold and silver plated jewelry is water resistant but to keep their shine over time, avoid contact with water (shower, bath...) and when you go to the pool or the sea.

Maintenance advice for all gold-plated jewelry and silver 925 :

The longevity of your jewelry can vary depending on several causes such as the acidity of the skin, the application of cosmetics or alcohol (cream, perfume ...). Keep your jewelry in a safe place, away from humidity and light, preferably in its individual pouch for a long period of use.

18 karat gold plated

Our gold-plated jewelry is designed and manufactured by French companies known for their exceptional finesse and quality. These jewels are coated with 18 karat gold on 3 microns to 5 microns for the stoned ones and have a 24 karat fine gold finishing layer to give them even more shine. Our 3 micron thick 18 carat gold plated jewelry has a minimum life span of 10 years keeping all its shine and brilliance when used in accordance with the care instructions.

Silver 925 rhodium

The silver jewelry is made of solid silver 925 covered with a thin layer of rhodium to avoid blackening and retain all their original shine and brilliance. Our 925 silver jewels have a minimum life span of 10 years keeping all their shine and brilliance when used according to the care instructions.