Braided Buddhist Beads Bronze


Bronze Braided Buddhist Beads

Braided Buddhist rush

The bronze braided Buddhist rush bracelet transcends the notion of a simple fashion accessory to become a constant reminder of inner peace and serenity. With its pure, Buddhist-inspired aesthetic, this rush bracelet is both robust and comfortable to wear, allowing you to wear it every day. As well as adding a spiritual dimension to your outfit, it helps you maintain a deep connection with your inner self, making every day an opportunity for personal growth.

Wear it as an accumulation to create a harmonious and meaningful look. 

- Thickness: X mm
- Diameter: 60 mm
- Jewelry made by a French company
- For everyday wear 
- Supplied in a Nerina Bijoux pouch made from organic cotton from Bali

Material: PVC with gold leaf

To ensure your jewelry lasts a long time, please take a look at our care instructions.

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